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Hm, I loved it

I really loved the animaiton. Especailly after he fires that gun and the flames kind of spiral out. And the whole sleepy way they try to kill each other ^^. Nice job...and don't get angry at people who leave bad reviews, us real reviewers have got your back, I'm pretty sure it's flagged as abusive by now. Ima go look at your other stuff now =)

Rutger responds:

Thanks dude! Glas you understand! ^^
Haha, I liked 'this way' of you too :')

hehe, At first I thought was gonna suck

At first, I thought this movie was jsut some weird voice acted frame story, but I found myself actually laughing pretty quickly. The plot was absurd, but tangible, and the ending was priceless. Your still drawings only added to the somewhat spontaneous, kitchy feel of the movie. Nice job, I really enjoyed it =)

Amazing effort

The fluidity and quality of your graphics are stunning. As long as you ahve some good voice acting and a nice plot in your actual episodes, I know you can get it in the top 50.

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Excellent game

I fell against the cold stone floor with a grunt. Adrenaline burning through my veins, I felt my heart slam against my chest with each breath. "Run..." I heard myself think, "Get out of here..." Wiping the stinging sweat from my eyes, I felt a primal fear wash over me. Groping for the flashlight, my fingers fumbled with the switch, finally producing a dim beam. As I caught my breath, I followed the pale shaft of light as it flickered through the clawing darkness of the cavern. Only a faint crackling pierced the unnatural silence around me, as a severed cord from the generator to my right swung back and forth, letting loose an intermittent shower of sparks.
A chill shot down my spine as I realized that Allison was no longer by my side. A hoarse yelp escaped from my mouth as I stopped myself from crying out her name. Violent images flashed across my thoughts; I saw our tour guide's smirk as she spoke into her handset. "Turn out the lights Jimmy." She cackled, turning to the group - "I hope you aren't afraid of the dark!"

Excellent game, inspired me to write that.

Great game, good instructions

easy to get started, and very clean. I love the adventure style. You worked hard on this, and it is a fun game to play as a diversion =).

Fun, and pretty addicting

I love when there is a simple concept, and it makes a fun, addicting game. What I particularly liked about this game was the time you gave to he background and theme ... the layout was professional and definitely made the game more fun!

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o.O i'm on edge

Hehe, you conveyed this battle tension so well, i'm looking around for the charging enemy O.O. Like there's the slightest bit of glory in the beginning around 0:15, then it shifts into something a little more aggressive at 0:30, then it finally breaks into the evilish, dark, foreboding tentacles of warrish thing at 0:58, the theme that appears at about 1:10, works in this feeling of apprehension, and the climax at 1:27-ish with the cymbals and the strings ( i think?) was crazy. When it ended, it was like "Here they Come!" Lol, sorry, I have quite an imagination XD. And so do you, I can see (hear). Great job, I went through quite an array of images and emotion listening to this. I guess my favorite part was how you opened up with that drumming and then the bass drums between 0:50 and 1:00. Awesome, awesome, I really enjoyed this.

sorohanro responds:

thanx for the beautiful review, quite imaginative ... i could never imagine things on music, for me, music is just about sounds and feelings ... guess i need from time to time someone to put images on that
hope you'll like also the happy/jazzy stuff i have here

I loved this, it had some great twists!

At 41, that was pure genius, breaking into that theme. Then it borke down into that metallic theme and kept up a high energy level with some great background variance until around 1:25, when it went into high pitched electronic stuff, and then back again shrotly after 1:40. The rest of the piece was a nice break from the convential MK remixes. at 2:25, I loved the heavy theme on the MK, along with the singular notes in the back around 2:45. Great ending, I kind of liked those three little things at the very end, remined me that it was some good guitar throughout it. I hope you don't think i'm too weird with the way I break down my music reviews ;) but I loved this piece, i'm def downloading it =).

himenow responds:

It'd be great if everyone commented like you ;)
I wasn't too happy with the ending I did, but I'm glad someone liked it :D

Quite consuming

Heh, I was first introduced to your work through SC guitar hero maniac deluxe 2, and this shows the same incredible level of talent. I love the guitar lines throughout, especially at the middle of the piece. I totally created my own little retarded zombie scenes in my head while listening to this ^_^. Thank you much for sharing this with us! (Btw, My favorite part was at about 1:55 where it calmed down and eventually broke down into just the fadding out guitar, just like the beginning! Very smart way to tie it all into a cocmplete piece)

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