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Good concept, poor game

While an interactive haunted house is a cool idea,
your game simply lacked quality and it had too many bugs. I would suggest using more animation and spending more time on your drawings. Halloween doesn't happen for a while. Try making a better haunted house and resubmit!

Good graphics, not enough stuff

Although you said youself it is short, I'm not sure what the "goal" of the game is. Maybe there should be levels so that there is a motivation to keep playing? You obviously have talent with graphics and game coding, try making a lengthier game with more features.

Wow, Its so retro-groovy

The style is really cool, like an atari video game, and combines jumping skills, shooting skills, and user-friendly controls. This is a fun game, and someone obviously put in some good time creating it. Kudos.


Although not really a game, this is really helpful to beginners, i'm sure, and might help cut back on some of the spam that enters the portal. I love how you made everything so simple. You should make a very simple game tutorial, like how to make a game where something bounces along the ground after being thrown, like the game "Throw me". =)

All in all, I like how you gave the actionscript code for the basic functions of flash design.


This game sucks. I was so bored after playing for only two and half hours straight. (jk)

I like it, but what about the code

I only got the code "19601" because my eyes caught it flash uber-fast across the screen RIGHT before the game started, and the the inventory slots were full. Is there another slip of paper hiding somewhere? nice and hard though, i'm looking for the last key. Also, took me a while to realize that I had to press '#' to enter the code.

I like the style

I think the music was quite groovy, and I love how you took an old game and gave it a new spin =). That being said, the game seemed slightly sluggish and simplistic, but I think if you maybe added a couple more features to it, like different levels, it could be very addicting. Also, try making the ghosts different colors maybe? I would encourage you to continue work on this though, I like the game.

Seandadj responds:


1 of the best games on newgrounds!

Wow! What an awesome game! Even though it is nothing fancy, it is one of the best games ever on newgrounds.com. Dude, you gotta make another one ,yeah!?keep up the good work. Oh, and make the level screen a bit larger maybe, and there are too many ways that you can cheat at this game, but AWSOME WORK!

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