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This Way Music Video!

2007-12-20 22:01:23 by CrunchyOrphan

It got on, but I fear the music is out of sync. Oh well, the reviews are pretty nice overall, and I'm glad that I made a flash that deviates from my usual clock crew motion tween crap.

This Way Music Video!


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2008-01-08 21:11:53

responding to the response you left on my my review of this way (look me up)
Maybe add a bit of purpose to your flashes, I love the random stick guy with the guitar and the music and stuff, but as your skill progresses add a bit more visual content. The whole music video thing is good, just maybe associate the music with an overall purpose (sorta like the Yuyu by the brackenwood guy) just without the whole riverdance vibe, heh

CrunchyOrphan responds:

Very helpful advice, i'm keeping it in mind as I do my next flash. Thankyou for taking the time!


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