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Working on a new movie!

2008-02-06 14:43:01 by CrunchyOrphan

For the two fans that I got, i'm about halfway done with my next music video! I took everyone's suggestions, and I think it's a bit better! This one is being done to "From the Water" by The Toadies. It should take me about a couple more weeks of working on it between homework and late at night.

This Way Music Video!

2007-12-20 22:01:23 by CrunchyOrphan

It got on, but I fear the music is out of sync. Oh well, the reviews are pretty nice overall, and I'm glad that I made a flash that deviates from my usual clock crew motion tween crap.

This Way Music Video!


2007-10-16 20:39:45 by CrunchyOrphan

I would love to join the AKK ... fo rizzle